What's the point of different shapes of Moissanite?

Moissanite can cut gems of different shapes because of its exquisite cutting technology. The most classic shape is round, and some special-shaped Moissanite are also loved by people, such as Round Brilliant, Square Brilliant, Heart shaped, Pear, Rectangular, oval, Cushion shaped, Marquise shape and so on.

Based on this article https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-point-of-different-shapes-of-Moissanite, We analyzed the different shapes of Moissanite to understand  the meaning.

  1. The Round Brilliant


The Round Brilliant is the most classic style, each section can show brilliance. It symbolizes love forever.

  1. The Square Brilliant


Square gem, faceted design, brilliant and charming. Angle symmetry, It symbolizes that the two will never separate.

  1. Heart shaped


The most romantic shape is loved by lovers in love. The heart-shaped gems are clear at a glance, giving the most beautiful gems to your beloved.

  1. Pear


Release the charm of the dripping and shine brilliantly. Pear shaped gems show your gentle and lovely, which makes people cherish you.

  1. Rectangular


Rectangular gem, has a kind of extraordinary and refined temperament. If you like rectangular, it means you want your love to be different.

  1. Oval


Oval gems are based on the deformation of round gems. The oval shape reflects the unique taste, but it is not deliberately carved. It shows that in love, he is independent and understanding.

  1. Cushion shaped


Unique cutting makes it have beautiful brightness and charming fire color. Cushion shaped gems contain elegant and steady atmosphere, and advocate natural love.

  1. Marquise shape


Also known as "olive shaped", it is known as "the queen of carving shape" in modern cutting. The thin and narrow cutting lines at both ends condense the light and set off the gemstone ring surface with a big flash.

Different shapes of Moissanite have different meanings. Choose which one you like on our website!