Why are Moissanite worth buying

The internal structure, numerical value and appearance of the Moissanite are surprisingly similar to those of the diamond. The Moissanite can shine brighter than the diamond, the scintillation of Moissanite is more amazing, and the price is only 1 / 10 of the diamond.

The scintillation of Moissanite can be so beautiful because of its physical, chemical and optical properties. The synthetic gem has a very high refractive index of 2.65-2.69 (2.42 for diamonds), 0.104 dispersion index (0.044 for diamonds) and 20.4 for luster (17.2% for diamonds).

At the same time, the Moissanite has a 9.25 Mohr hardness, which is only lower than 10 of diamond but higher than other gemstones. The high hardness makes it not easy to scraping and cracking, and can be preserved forever.


In the article https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-think-of-moissanite, the person who receive the Moissanite is very happy, which proves that the Moissanite is worth buying.

“A diamond is forever”, so do Moissanite. Under the light, Moissanite is more beautiful than diamond. In terms of price, Moissanite is much cheaper than diamond, so why not choose Moissanite?