When she put on the diamond ring from the moment, the two people are promised to each other. For two people, they spend a lifetime of love to guard each other. For richer or poorer, in health or in sickness, they will spend together, which can share this new responsibility.


For over 100 years, the diamond has represented eternal love. Ironically, however, the acquisition of diamonds is not so eternal and noble. Diamonds are mined, which can damage the surface ecology, consume large amounts of water, as well as consume a considerable amount of energy. The exposure of blood diamonds in Africa in the 1990s has furthermore given diamonds a negative social responsibility label.


As people became more aware of environmental and social responsibility, we realized the need for a new, greener and more sustainable way of obtaining diamonds.


In 2010, the American astronomer, Ball Nissen, discovered a diamond 50 light years away. Nissen, an American astronomer, discovered a planet 50 light-years away, rich in carbon elements and with ultra-high temperature and pressure, which the scientific community called "diamond planet". Unfortunately, this "diamond planet" is too far away from Earth, with our current level of technology, completely inaccessible.


At that time, our brand elldue started our dream of promoting cultivated diamonds with the vision of "making love and the planet eternal". elldue was the pioneer brand in bringing moissanite and cultivated diamonds to the global jewelry market.
In the past few years, elldue has insisted on exchanging quality for reputation, actively promoting quality moissanite and cultivated diamonds internationally, building product standards and brand image, and opening up online and offline sales channels.
Fast customization service will be developed, which can can be completed within a working week of the customer's customization needs, we will combine the current fashion trends, design the market avant-garde fashion items.